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You probably know that the risks of smoking include lung cancer and heart disease. However, you may not realize that smoking can have negative effects on your oral health too. Every part of the human body is affected by smoking, and the risks are particularly high for your mouth, due to the close proximity of […]

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While your dentist West Palm Beach can offer you crowns, fillings, and tooth whitening procedures to improve your smile, taking measures to prevent oral health problems is the best option. Brushing and flossing both help you prevent stains and cavities, but you also need to eat right. The foods you eat have a huge impact […]

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When you have a toothache, it’s important to see your dentist as quickly as possible. However, while you’re waiting to get into your dentist, what can you do about the pain? You can use some easy home remedies for toothache pain relief. Try one of these remedies next time you have a toothache and then […]

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Our lives are incredibly hectic. Our days are packed full, so often times we do not give nearly as much thought to our dental health as we should. Sure you brush twice a day and floss, you see the dentist twice a year for check-ups and cleanings. What else can you possibly do right? Wrong, […]

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Do you find yourself constantly telling your children to brush and floss their teeth? It’s often a challenge to get your child to take care of their teeth, but it’s an important battle. Teaching your kids good oral habits now can ensure they have a healthy mouth for life. However, if you’re having a tough […]

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It’s happened before no doubt. You walk into a room, say hi, and people turn their heads away. They know it, but do you? Bad breath is often smelled by everyone but the perpetrator, which may make it hard for one to cease or prevent the terrible odor. Bad breath or halitosis can result from […]

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The teenage years are the time of peak bone growth, a period when more nutrient-packed calories are essential to fuel growing bones & bodies and to strengthen teeth and bones. However, with our current fast-paced American lifestyles where it’s always “go go go”, adolescence is also a time when soda and other sugary foods tend […]

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Being pregnant comes with a plethora of new health related responsibilities. Your oral hygiene is no exception. Speak with your dentist, or if you don’t have one you see regularly, contact us to make an appointment. We can advise you about what types of oral care products will be most effective during your pregnancy and […]