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When all the tissue inside your tooth (pulp chamber) dies, including the nerve, the pain may be acute, even excruciating! Many times the pain goes away temporarily, but the infection does not. And when this occurs, you will need a root canal to treat the infection so that your tooth can be saved. But now […]

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Good oral hygiene may seem pretty simple – you probably think it’s as easy as brushing a couple times a day and flossing once. However, general dentistry professionals will tell you that it’s not really that easy. Many people make some common mistakes that can impact their oral health. Here’s a closer look at some […]

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You’ve probably heard it before, most people have: “brush your teeth after every meal and don’t forget to floss.” But surprisingly, despite the constant nagging by dentists and orthodontists, most people don’t floss. Flossing is entirely beneficial, ranging from a healthy smile to fresher breath while the disadvantages aren’t so pretty, and if you floss […]