Invisible Braces – A Great Alternative for Adults Who Want Straighter Teeth

ClearAlign is a clear aligner used to straighten teeth. It is an alternative to traditional metal braces. Similar to other clear aligner brands (like Invisalign) available to dentists or orthodontists, ClearAlign is offered by Palm Beach dentist Dr. Jayroe as a way of straightening clients’ teeth using a series of clear, custom-made, removable aligners. These gradually move a person’s teeth a little bit at a time, and will eventually correct and straighten the teeth to produce a new, beautiful smile.

Your ClearAlign Treatment Process

Are you thinking about getting ClearAlign? If so, here’s what you should to know:

First, we take impressions so that a 3-D model of your teeth can be created. We then map out a complete treatment plan to demonstrate the gradual realignment which will reposition and straighten your teeth from their current position to where we want them to be.

Using the most up-to-date digital mapping and molding technology available today, custom aligners are created with computer precision to fit perfectly to your teeth. You’ll come into our office to ensure a perfect fit and receive an explanation of how to use your new aligners.

ClearAlign Treatment: How it Works

ClearAlign treatment involves multiple phases of aligner therapy. Each phase requires a new set of aligners that are worn for several weeks at a time. The time between each phase allows for control and flexibility.

ClearAlign aligners are worn all the time (day and night), except when you are eating and drinking, or while you are brushing and flossing your teeth. ClearAlign is designed with aesthetics in mind, so the dental aligners are barely noticeable and will not have an impact on your daily routine.

After wearing each aligner set as directed, results will be quite noticeable as your teeth begin slowly shift and adjust into the proper alignment of your desired smile. Periodic check-ups with your Palm Beach dentist Dr. Jayroe are required so your progress can be evaluated and at which time you will be given the next set of teeth aligners. This sequence will continue until we have achieved your new, beautiful (and straight!) smile.

Treatment time can vary, depending upon your specific condition and degree of misalignment. Be sure to ask the dentist any specific questions you may have.

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